This day holds many meanings for so many of us. And it brings me joy in a sorrowful time that more and more people are rising against the injustices in the world and joining those who have been protecting and defending for years.


Celebrate today, if you want. But also, show respect and acknowledge a truthful history.


cheers, lil [aka lily, lilica, ericka] 💚

image credit: @radicalroadmaps on Instagram

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image credit: @travelling.for.good on Instagram [image of stolen land of the Pueblo people]
"New episode out now with Wampanoag scholars Paula Peters and Linda Coombs, who tell us about their perspective on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a time for people to come together with their families and give thanks for the blessings in their lives; but the [US] American holiday is rooted in historical fallacy and upholds tired settler colonial belief systems. Instead, let's begin to understand the real story of Thanksgiving and the complex his undergirding this event in relation to Indigenous peoples. The path to reconciliation starts with honest acknowledgement of our past, with open eyes, and open hearts for a better future. It is time for us to be in good relation with one another. We can do that by learning and unlearning how to give thanks in a good way.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible: @matikawilbur, @project_562, @nativeapprops, @sonkwaban, @teoelisio, @krameroriginals. Artwork by @artbyciara. Today and everyday is a good day to give thanks."
"2020 is the year to tell the REAL story of Thanksgiving. Let's talk."
"Thanksgiving is coming up tomorrow, and we at OUA [One Up Action] wanted to emphasize something important this holiday season.

The majority of this holiday - from the food, the narratives, the stories that we are told and may pass around - are whitewashed and are centered around concealing the horrific events of North American colonization. That doesn't mean it's immoral to celebrate the holiday, but we must focus on what we're celebrating and how we're doing it. As many of us are immigrants in the Americas, we must respect the land that we are living on and help the people who have lived on this land since time immemorial.

This Thanksgiving, donate to local Native communities and reservation funds. Donate to national or international organizations focused on uplifting the issues of Indigenous people, and uplift those issues and Indigenous voices as well.

Especially in the climate movement, we must learn to listen and follow Indigenous activists who know much more about the land and its history than we will through secondary research. We must learn to act alongside them, support local campaigns, and make sure that we aren't drowning out their ideas and platforms.

This holiday season should be about more than just White holidays - it should be about community, about the true purpose of giving, and about gratitude to the people around us and who have helped us.

Action starts now."